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Why do I need a consultation?

Clients often ask me if they have to have a consultation before they hire or buy a sling or carrier from me. They absolutely do not have to have one, but they do really need one. Hiring or buying a sling or carrier without a consultation is like buying clothes without knowing your size. You might be able to get it on, but you may not like how it fits or it may not be comfortable for you or you might not be able to do it up on your own, so you have to keep buying more until you find something that works or you give up on the idea entirely.

A consultation with us, either online or in person, streamlines the process and saves you money in the long run as well as giving you so much more than you may think.

Bespoke Service

Think of us as your personal shopper. We are here to listen to your wants, needs and desires when it comes to carrying. We can then select what I think would be the best options for you to start with, then we can explore what you actually like and don’t like about type of slings or carriers you try to narrow down our search to find the one.

Exclusive Venue

An in person consultation takes place at our shop situated in the stunning Royal Arcade in Worthing town centre. Lysanne has designed the shop to feel more like a living room so you can feel at ease as you settle onto the sofa and have a cup of tea during our consultation.


We pride ourselves on being explicitly inclusive with regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age. You are welcome here. You are safe here. No judgement, just empowerment. Always.


First and foremost we are parents. This business was born out of my lived experience in becoming a mother. I have had two children and one miscarriage. I suffered from both post natal depression and post natal anxiety following both of their births. These lived experiences combined with my neurodivergent ADHD brain, enables me to be as compassionate and empathetic with you as you need.

Long Term Support

We are here for you for every step of your carrying journey, however long or short that may be. We can try out options whilst you are pregnant or expecting with my weighted demo dolls. I can support you in the intense newborn stage for the first 12 weeks, including help with breast/chest feeding, bottle feeding, tube feeding etc in a sling or carrier. I can teach you how to back carry your child when they can sit unaided at around 6 months old. We can then explore toddler options together when your child outgrows their baby carrier at around 2 years old. At around 4 years old we can look at even bigger options to keep you carrying for as long as you want to.

Expertise & Training

A consultation enables me to share with you all of my experience from carrying my own children for nearly 5 years now and all of my tips and tricks that come with that. I completed my Slingababy Consultant training in February 2017 and I have attended many subsequent CPD sessions. My training and insurance enable me to work with you outside of manufacturers guidelines so we can always find something you love and make it work for you.


As a small independent business, I am not affiliated with nor do I work for any particular brands so I can be 100% impartial. The information I provide you with is honest and relevant. Of course I have my favourites, but they’re favourites for a reason! At the end of the day I just want you to carry your children as often as you want and be super comfy whilst doing so, whatever that looks like.

Sling Library

I have over 100 slings and carriers available for hire from my popular sling library. I have the latest carriers from the biggest brands, as well as stunning unique carriers from other small businesses. With so many to choose from it can be really overwhelming, and that’s where I do the all the hard work for you. My encyclopaedic knowledge of my stock means that I can usually find your perfect fit within 2 or 3 tries. All slings and carriers in the library are regularly cleaned and checked for damage between hires.


I do retail a handpicked selection of the most popular brands amongst my clients. I have a well established, close working relationship with my suppliers so if I don’t have what you want in stock, chances are I can get it. If you love something that I don’t retail, then I can usually get you a discount from wherever you do buy it from.

After the Consult

You can continue to access support through my YouTube channel, my Facebook group or by staying in touch on Instagram. I can help you source second hand carriers, do quick photo fit checks for you, share the latest scientific research, reassure you and so much more. If you love carrying and want to find out more, you can also listen to my podcast, MotherRucker: The Babywearing Podcast available on all major podcasting platforms.

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