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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your business about?

MotherRucker is a carrying and parenting consultancy with a sling library and products available for purchase.  I offer expert knowledge through consultations to help you carry your child safely and securely in a sling or carrier from birth to 10 years old.

How does it work?

Clients will book a consultation with me so they can try on lots of options before they go on to hire or purchase their favourites.  This ends up saving my clients money in the long run as they only buy once and they know they already love it.  You do not have to have a consultation in order to hire or buy from me.

How do I hire a sling or carrier?

You can hire any sling or carrier from my 100+ sling library items. ​Hiring starts at just £10 per fortnight per item, or you can hire 2 for £15 for two weeks.  Babies under 6 weeks can borrow a stretchy wrap for four weeks for FREE.  Twins and multiples can enjoy Hire One Get One Free on all items too.

  1. Create an account on MyTurn and add your card details

  2. Browse my inventory and select the carriers you'd like to hire

  3. Select the dates you'd like to hire them, minimum is two weeks

  4. Select either Collection or Shipping.  Postage is £5.

  5. Come and collect it, or wait for it to arrive!

I do recommend booking a consultation or fit check or attending Coffee Cakes and Carriers so you can be shown how the sling or carrier works and so it can be fitted to you.

Do I need a consult?

You do not a consult to hire a sling or carrier to buy one however if you would like to access my knowledge, expertise and skills then you will need to pay for a consult.  If money is tight, please get in touch and we can come to an agreement in complete confidentiality.

Can I just turn up?

Unfortunately not.  TO collect a hire or purchase you have made online, you need to prebook a collection slot to ensure that I will be at home to give it to you!  Consultations must also be booked in advance so that I know you're coming and can tidy my home!

What facilities do you have?

Consultations at HQ take place at my home, in my living room.  I have a lovely big comfy sofa with lots of cushions for you, as well as a playmat on the floor for your baby.  There is a change mat available and I can warm your bottle up if needed.  I have a downstairs toilet you can also use.

Please note, I have 2 cats who are very friendly and love babies, but if you prefer for me to keep them away from you please just let me know.  If you are allergic to cats, I recommend booking for me to come to your home instead.  All slings and carriers are kept in a room the cats do not go in.


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