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FAQs - Consultations

Everything you need to know for your carrying consultation.

Can I bring my baby/toddler/child with me?

Absolutely! They are as much our client as you are and they may even have a preference as to which sling or carrier they like. It will also help us to ensure we select the correct size sling or carrier for them.

What if my baby cries?

Do I have to wear a mask?

What Covid-19 precautions do you have in place?

What if I need to feed my baby?

What if my toddler is hungry?

Are there nappy changing facilities?

My toddler is potty training, is that ok?

Do I have to come by myself?

What if I'm early for my appointment?

What if I'm running late?

What if I have to cancel?

My baby isn't here yet, can I still come?

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