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Cooler Carriers

Our definitive guide to cooler carrying alternatives.

Autumn and Winter are amazing when you're babywearing. Layering up and keeping your baby snuggly and warm is just the BEST... but then along comes summer. Sticky, hot, sweaty summer. Yuck! We didn't use a pram or buggy with our two so we had to carry all year round. I'm VERY prone to sweating as well, so finding cooler alternatives for my favourite slings and carriers became an obsession. I've written this blog to share my wisdom so that you can benefit from everything I've learnt when it comes to hot weather carrying alternatives. I've broken them down into sling and carrier type specific sections so you can jump to the section you want to focus on. Remember, you can hire cooler alternatives from our sling library either for a holiday or to test it out before you commit to buying one!

Stretchy Wraps & Close Caboos

These can be the trickiest to use in hot weather, because in order to be safe you HAVE TO use all 3 layers. Close Caboo have created the LITE version of their carrier and the fabric is so much thinner and has an air flow pattern on the outer layer to allow for more airflow.

With regular stretchy wraps however, we really advise finding one which has a bamboo blend. Bamboo is naturally cooler, hypoallergenic and stronger than cotton making it perfect for hot weather carrying. Neil is using our Joy & Joe Bamboo stretchy here when Trixie was 8 weeks old and we went to his sister's wedding in Cyprus. It was over 30 degrees everyday. She sweated less in the stretchy than she did when we put her down.

Ring Slings

Meh Dai & Onbuhimo

Woven Wraps

Buckle Carriers

Don't worry if you can't afford to buy a brand new carrier for summer, there are lots of things you can do to make carrying during the heat bearable with your existing sling or carrier.

If you're not sure what you want or need, if you want to learn new carrying positions, or if you just want to try some options before you hire or buy then book a consultation! We can see you in person or online and help you find your perfect sling or carrier.

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