Carrying in Hot Weather

Both of my babies are summer babies and carrying them safely during the hot UK summer was a top priority for me. Over the years I have found these top tips have been the most beneficial and now I am sharing them with you.

1. Seek Shade

The simplest way to stay cooler during the summer, is to avoid the sun!

Trixie at 8 weeks old, having her midday nap on Neil during our holiday to Cyprus. The skin to skin contact helps to regulate her body temperature.

Stay inside during the hottest hours of the day (11-3pm) and maybe even enjoy a siesta with your baby.

Keep your windows shut and your curtains closed to keep it cooler inside. Older kids will enjoy water play or freeze some of their favourite toys and have fun trying to melt them out.

If you have to go out, then try and stay in the shade wherever possible. Buildings, trees, gazebos and so on are all great, you can also use an