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The story began when Camilla and Gerhard set out on a journey at the end of 1980 to explore the South American continent from Mexico to Peru. They never arrived in Peru, as the breathtaking beauty of the Guatemalan highlands and the Maya fascination blew their budget and time frame completely beyond their budget.

They stayed until the end of 1982, when they got to know the country and its people and gradually established a deep bond with the Guatemalan Indians. After returning to Germany in 1983, they founded a company in Berlin.

Our local partners are artisans, small workshops, cooperatives and independent weavers and tailors. The principles of fair trade and sustainability are paramount at all stages of purchasing, production and sales. Our philosophy is based on the foundations of fair trade and sustainability.

Every ring sling is handmade in Guatemala from recycled cotton.

Suitable from birth.

Girasol Ring Slings

PriceFrom £65.00
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