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Fireworks Night Safety

If you're planning on coming down to see the amazing Worthing Lions Fireworks tonight then please remember these important safety tips if you choose the carry your kids.

1. WARMTH Multiple thin layers with a big coat or jumper over you both is perfect. Bulky pram suits, jumpers and coats can lead to a poor fit with your carrier as well as poor positioning for your child. This in turn can risk their airways, especially in newborns. You can use special babywearing coats or covers to keep that warmth in.

2. EXTREMITIES Any bits of them or you that are poking out of your sling or carrier - make sure they're covered! Hats, gloves, thick socks and wellies are your friends! Cover your extremities, and your child's. We have gorgeous Blade & Rose Leggings and MooMo Leg Warmers to keep your little one snuggly.

3. EAR DEFENDERS Ear defenders can take the edge off the loud noises for little ones who are sensitive to big sounds. Perfectly safe and easy for them to snooze in, ear defenders will help your little one stay relaxed. Dexter and Trixie still use them at 4 and 6!

4. POSITIONING If you usually outward face your child in their carrier, consider facing them in. The crowds, the sounds and the fireworks can be really overwhelming for little ones and hiding their face against body is vital for them to regulate their brains and stay calm. Back carrying is absolutely fine as they can also hide when they need to.

5. SLEEP It's much easier to navigate the large crowds and muddy fields without a buggy so babywearing provides a safe space for your little one to sleep whilst you enjoy the evening.

6. BIG KIDS Big kids may need the comfort and security of a carry too. Crowds are scary when you're only waist height, the dark is disorientating, it's a long evening and a change from their bedtime. Save your arms and pop in to borrow a carrier for them.

Have fun, enjoy the magic and stay safe!

Love, Lysanne | MotherRucker

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