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Top 5 Toddler Carriers

That's right, your baby is starting to outgrow their first size carrier. For many, including myself, it can be a bittersweet moment. The first sling that you buy holds so many emotions within the fabric that parting with it can feel a bit

sad. But on the other hand you get to buy a new carrier......yay!

But how do you know which toddler carrier you should use, there are just as many option for big kids as their are for babies?!

Fortunately, a lot of manufacturers have Toddler options, so if you are already using a carrier regularly and you are comfortable and confident in using it, then have a look to see if they have a toddler size. It will offer familiarity and will often be a smooth transition for both you and your growing child.

Here is our list of the most popular Toddler carriers in our library here at MotherRucker:

By far one of our most popular Toddler options, the Tula Toddler is the natural progression for those already using a Tula carrier or an Ergobaby carrier (360/Omni 360/ Omni Breeze). They have the chunky-yet-soft waistband, soft panel and well padded shoulder straps that are typical of all Tula models, and the 'perfect fit adjusters' meaning you can shrink and lengthen the height of the panel as your child grows. This rucksack style carrier is extremely comfortable. They even do a Pre School size to keep you carrying as long as you want to! Also available in 'Coast' design with a mesh panel for warmer weather.

Age range: 2-4 years

RRP: £130

If you are already using an Integra Size 1 baby carrier, then this could be the carrier for you! This apron style carrier can do 3 carrying positions, cross strap style for front carrying, hip carrying and back carrying.

An unpadded waistband and only lightly padded shoulder straps, these carriers are perfect for those who prefer less bulk and fold up super small, which makes it great for storing in your bag for those 'just in case' moments as your toddler becomes more independent. Available in a variety of designs, from bright and bold to the more minimalistic, as well as the 'Solar' option for warmer weather.

Age range: Size 2-18/24 month clothing-3/4 years clothing

Size 3 - 3/4 years clothing -6/7 years clothing

RRP: Size 2 - £105

Size 3 - £115

Lenny Lamb LennyPreschool Carrier

The Lenny Lamb Preschool carrier is one of the most adjustable carriers out there. Made from the classic and beautifully woven material that the brand is renowned for, this carrier will see you through toddler hood and the preschool years. Available in a range of stunning colourways, it's easy to see why these eye catching carriers are so popular. This carrier can be used with cross or ruck strap style for front carrying and can do back carrying.

Age Range: 1-6 years

RRP: from £130

Easyfeel Extend Plus

This carrier is the ultimate in big kid carrying, it's a real workhorse.

With adjustment points on the waistband, panel and 2 adjustment points on the shoulders you can guarantee a perfect fit from first use to last use. The waistband and shoulder straps are extra wide and very well padded to ensure your comfort as your child grows. Oh! They also all come in a super cute storage bag for easy storage and travel.

Age Range: 1/2 years to 8 years

RRP: £170

The super simple and ultra soft toddler carrier from Sleepy Nico is an underrated option, in my humble opinion. With lightly padded shoulder straps and waistband made from corduroy fabric. Available in a range of stunning designs and colourways, with enough padding to keep it comfortable, but soft enough to mould to the wearers body. Can be used for front and back carrying.

Age Range: 18months -3 years

RRP: From £105

So! there is it, our Top 5 Toddler Carriers, in no particular order. If you are unsure, or are only just starting out in carrying with your older baby, why not get in touch? We offer consultations to help you find the perfect carrier and hire them out for you to try before you buy. Consultations can be in person in our bespoke Studio in Worthing, or online via Zoom. We can post carriers to hire anywhere in the UK and have a modest selection to retail!

Hope you find this helpful!


Stella | MotherRucker

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